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This is a sample menu.  Prices & menu items may change due to availability.  Thank you!


snacks and sides

crispy chicken wings                                                                                                          9

sweet chili fish balls                                                                                                            8

hand pulled roti with curry sauce                                                                             7

fried brussel sprouts  7

steamed jasmine rice 2

steamed chicken rice 3


pad thai tofu                                                                                                                         13

pad thai prawns                                                                                                                  15

pad thai chicken 15

pad see-ew beef                                                                                                                  14

singapore fried noodle w/ tofu                                                                                     14

singapore fried noodle w/ chicken 14

rice dishes

chinese sausage fried rice 13

holy basil pork 15

kai-lan and pork belly 15

daily curry w/ tofu 15

daily curry w/ chicken 15

daily curry w/ prawns 15

daily curry w/ fish balls 15

from our rotisserie oven

“gai yang” farmcrest chicken

quarter (with two sides) 13

half (with two sides) 17

whole (no sides) 24


coke 2

diet coke 2

bottled water 2

roasted coconut juice 3

mango juice 3

snapple iced tea 3

dickie’s ginger beer 4